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“I can explore the challenges that come with being a saleswoman”
At VAEKST we don't need to surround ourselves with sales developers with years of experience. We prefer to surround ourselves with people with growth potential, an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take on new challenges every day. Our philosophy of 'learning by doing' guides our strategy to give our customers the best experience.
“I learn something new on a daily basis”
Our innovation-inspired, technology-driven team is what boost our results. At VAEKST, you'll not only learn about the sales process but also about how to run a business, you will gain experience nurturing and maintaining relationships with customers and hone your business acumen. Can you think of any other skills that are just as necessary?
“Together we can strive to learn and grow as a team”
Having a safe and supportive workplace where we acknowledge failures and share knowledge on a daily basis makes us more comfortable to go out of our comfort zone and strive for innovative thinking to grow as a team and individually. We dedicate a lot of focus on our customer relations and strive on having transparency and good communication with our customers providing our “Sales-as-a-service” to its fullest.